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A deficiency in the oxygen-carrying component of the blood.


A type of intestinal parasite, also known as a roundworm.

Intestinal Parasite

An organism (like a worm) that grows, feeds and is sheltered inside of a host organism without contributing anything to its survival.


A newly hatched, immature stage of a parasite.


Mammals, such as a mouse, rat, squirrel or beaver, that are characterized by large incisors adapted for gnawing or nibbling.


Hoofed, even-toed mammals such as cattle, sheep, goats and deer with compartmentalized stomachs.

Parasitic Zoonotic Infections (also zoonosis, zoonoses)

Diseases where humans become infected with animal parasites.

Intestinal Worms Treatment

Although our body does have an imune response to intestinal worms, a so called Th2 response, causing inflammation of the gut and in cyst-like structures forming around the egg deposits, in most of the cases we also need external help.

If you suspect an intestinal worm infection, you should consult a doctor now.

Intestinal worms Pills

There are several pills used to treat intestinal parasites consult a doctor to ask the right one for your case.
A single dose of Albendazole (400mg pills) can kill the adult worms;you should make sure to avoid reinfection.

Intestinal worms Home Remedy

One of the most effective home remedies is the use of coconut! Take a tablespoon of the freshly ground coconut at breakfast followed by a dose of castor oil after three hours - this should expell all kinds of intestinal worms.

Garlic was used from ancient times, and it's still used in modern times - both fresh garlic, and garlic oil can do the trick.
If you cannot swallow the garlic, simply place a couple of cloves of fresh garlic in your shoes: as you walk, they will be crushed, absorbed and transported via the bloodstream.

Grated carrot: offensive to all intestinal parasites, grated carrot should be taken in the morning, without other added meal.

Papaya seeds: They contain a very effective substance called caricin.
Savory oil, in combination with pumpkin seed oily extract, a great remedy that eliminates intestinal worms

Intestinal worms treatment by diet

Treatment can start with a diet:
Step 1: exclusive diet of fresh fruits (5-7 days)
Step 2: ell-balanced light diet consisting mainly of fruits, vegetables, milk and wholemeal bread - avoid fatty foods at all costs
Repeat the steps until the worms are eliminated.You should avoid re-contaminating yourself - see How to prevent an infection with intestinal worms for more information.

Intestinal Parasites: Preventing an infection

Find out what needs to be done in order to prevent an infection.
Basically all you have to do is take care of yourself a little better.

Wash your hands; wash all fruits and vegetables you use.
Avoid eating uncooked meat
Avoid swallowing or drinking the water while swimming
Don't abuse antibiotics - they kill friendly bacteria and by that, make the proliferation of parasites easier
Drink pure water.

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